Institute for Social Change

25 graduate students will spend 5 days exploring dimensions of public scholarship at The Institute for Social Change beginning August 19.

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2015 Summer Fellowships

The Arts of Citizenship Summer Fellows Program is now the Mellon Public Humanities Fellowships and Immersive Experiences. Learn more about these opportunities on the Rackham website.

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Our Mission

Arts of Citizenship helps University of Michigan graduate students develop collaborative projects with community partners that address real-world challenges and enhance students' professional development.

Grants in Public Scholarship

Arts of Citizenship helps University of Michigan graduate students develop the skills needed to address complex social issues though collaborative, mutually-beneficial projects that serve the public good.

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Engaged Pedagogy Initiative

The Engaged Pedagogy Initiative Fellowship is a semester-long community-based learning training program that promotes excellence in undergraduate teaching and graduate student professional development.

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Institute for Social Change

The Institute for Social Change is an interactive seminar exploring the conceptual and practical dimensions of public scholarship.

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Emma Davis

Emma Davis

Riverbank Park in downtown Flint is a threatened but important part of Michigan’s modernist landscape architectural heritage. Long-term deferred park maintenance and low-flow river conditions have l…

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Amanda Healy

The Monroe Women’s History Project is a collaborative public history project that aims to develop archival holdings, public programming, and educational resources on the history of women in Monroe. …

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Trish Koman

Trish Koman

University of Michigan public health doctoral candidate Trish Koman and urban planning master’s candidate Frank Romo’s project Michigan Environmental Mapping Tool will characterize the extent and …

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Patrick Cooper-McCann

Cooper-McCann’s dissertation project evaluates the impact that community organizations, nonprofits, businesses, and other levels of government have when they supplement or replace municipal expendit…

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Marcus White

Marcus White’s Moving Voices project aims to use dance as a tool for understanding social impact and as a method for participants to feel empowered to tell their stories through movement. The progra…

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